Holiday Storage Solution Deals On Sale For Black Friday

2022-11-25 05:03:56 By : Mr. Andy Chen

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If your philosophy on holiday decorations is “the more, the merrier,” then you’ll likely run into a bit of a storage problem when it’s time to take it all down. Luckily, there are some clever holiday storage solutions available at two of our favorite retailers that make un-decking the halls nearly as fun as embellishing them. Felt Toy Storahe Basket /Bin

Holiday Storage Solution Deals On Sale For Black Friday

It likely comes as no surprise that Amazon and Target are a winter wonderland of holiday storage solutions. Everything from protective ornament boxes to zippered bags that tuck away your artificial tree and keep your lights tangle-free until next season. Now, there’s no reason to panic when you receive half a dozen snowman-themed wine glasses as a gift—there’s an easy way to store those all, too. And, if you act quickly, you can grab it all on sale. 

We found 10 holiday storage solutions to help you feel more festive than frazzled when it’s time to take down your decorations. Check them out below.   

You never worry about an artificial tree wilting before Christmas morning, but there’s always the hassle of storing it once the season is over. Problem solved with this zip-up storage bag made from heavy-duty waterproof canvas. It keeps your tree, garland, and lights safely and neatly tucked away for the rest of the year. Choose from two sizes, 7.5 feet and 9 feet.

BUY IT: Starting at $25.99 (orig. $33.99);

This tote might seem simple in design, but it’s actually ingenious and will save you tons of time and frustration. After winding holiday lights into a neat circle, place them into the divided areas of this bag to keep them tangle-free and ready to use again next year. The window on the side of the bag makes it quick and easy to see what’s inside, too. 

BUY IT: $39.49 (orig. $69.99);

Buying up extra gift bags, gift tags, and rolls of wrapping paper on sale was a great idea until you realized you didn’t know where to store them. This zip-up container with inner pockets is an organized way to keep all your gift-wrapping supplies—yes, even a pair of scissors and a roll of tape—in order until next year. 

BUY IT: Starting at $24.99 (orig. $29.99);

You love your candy cane-themed wine glasses and coffee cups, but you need a better plan to store them in the off-season. These quilted bins with felt protectors make it simple to pack away plates, cups, and wine glasses when your cabinets are overflowing.

BUY IT: Starting at $25.49 (orig. $29.99);

Your gift-wrapping skills are legendary, so you need a storage box to match your talent. Behold this Christmas miracle of a box, with room to store scissors, tape, and more—even spools to hold and dispense ribbon. Use it to stay organized and wrap to your heart’s content this holiday season.

BUY IT: $29.99 (orig. $34.99);

You thought storing those extra rolls of wrapping paper in the corner of the closet was a good idea. But if you’re tired of them falling over every time you take something out, this organizer saves the day. It hangs from a closet rod, just like a coat, so you can store rolls and lightweight decorations upright and off the floor to maximize your off-season storage space.

BUY IT: $29.99 (orig. $36.24);

Whether you have an artificial tree that needs protecting or are already thinking about the hundreds of pine needles your fresh tree is going to leave behind, these bags are for you. Simply drape one over a standing faux tree before tucking it away in the back of your storage room or cover up a dried out pine tree before hauling it outside to prevent a mess. 

BUY IT: $16.99 (orig. $26.99);

Need even more streamlined storage for your tree ornaments? This storage box splits into four trays, all covered with a clear transparent cover for even better protection. Stack them all together or squeeze them in separately where you can, like underneath a bed, and your ornaments will stay safely intact season after season.

BUY IT: Starting at $29.79 (orig. $32.99);

Could your vacuum be the key to more storage space? Fill them with soft items—like those Christmas-themed blankets or ugly Christmas sweaters—and attach a vacuum or the included hand pump to the valve to draw out all the air. You’re left with a slim, stackable package that’s much easier to stow under a bed or on a closet shelf without taking up too much space. These storage bags come in various sizes, from small to jumbo and even travel sizes.

BUY IT: Starting at $19.99 (orig. $25);

An artificial wreath, like a tree, makes decorating for the holidays much easier. Now, this bag makes storing your door decor quite convenient. These zip-up circular bags with handles resemble hat boxes, only they’ll keep your Christmas wreaths looking fashionable season after season.

BUY IT: Starting at $16.99 (orig. $18.99); 

Holiday Storage Solution Deals On Sale For Black Friday

Sturdy Flexible Felt Storage Bins Shop these holiday storage solutions and more at Amazon and Target while they’re still on sale for Black Friday today.