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2022-08-12 10:32:00 By : Ms. Jammy Lau

Win this ultimate backcountry kit from POC Sports!

Enter the giveaway to win this winter kit from POC, which includes an Obex BC Mips helmet, a pair of Zonula Clarity goggles, a Dimension VPD backpack and a pair of Devour Glacial sunglasses. The lucky winner will get to choose their own colors and sizes for all products. This kit will have you locked, loaded and ready to go on your next backcountry adventure. Whether it’s early season turns or tracking through fresh snow in the heart of winter, this top notch setup from POC will keep you prepared and protected from whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

The ski helmet that can speak for you when you can’t. The Obex BC MIPS is designed for enhanced traceability and durability in the backcountry. Updated this year to include MIPS, the helmet features an NFC medical ID chip so rescuers can access vital medical information at the scene of an injury, helping them make the best judgments for treatment in the vital “golden hour” immediately after an accident. A RECCO® reflector enhances searchability. A thicker polycarbonate shell compared to the Obex MIPS gives greater durability. The helmet is compatible with the Obex Communication headset and is designed for a seamless fit with POC goggles. Fully adjustable ventilation and removable ear pads ensure user comfort.

With an exceptionally wide field of view, bio-based frame materials and easily interchangeable lenses, the Zonula combines sustainable credentials with exceptional ease of use. Frame outriggers make it easy to handle the goggle and allow the lenses to be popped out so they can be easily changed. Simply by squeezing the outriggers to form a gap between the frame and the lens, the lenses can easily be removed simply by holding the edges, limiting the risk of damage to the surface. The goggle frame and strap features 47% bio-based materials by weight, to minimize environmental impact. Clarity lenses, developed in partnership with Carl Zeiss, ensure optimum vision on the snow in all riding conditions

The bag to take you to another dimension. Built to keep you protected on single-day adventures in the mountains, the Dimension VPD backpack combines a wealth of carrying possibilities with in-built back protection. Constructed from an especially hard-wearing Dimension-Polyant VX21 material, the bag makes it easy to trek with all your kit and then works to keep you protected in a fall. With a separate pocket for avalanche rescue tools, and numerous smaller pockets for valuables and easily damaged items like goggles, as well as Recco® reflector, compression straps and an external helmet pouch, the bag works in multiple dimensions to ensure you can ski all day in comfort.

With an oversize lens and eye shields around the sides of the eyes and across the brow, the Devour Glacial gives exceptional adjustable coverage when facing very bright conditions on the glacier. The Devour Glacial feature fully adjustable temples and nosepiece, making it easy for every user to find a comfortable and secure fit. The frame design gives exceptional peripheral vision without lettingin too much light. Ri-Pel lens treatments give extra protection from dirt, oil and scratches, so that your vision can always be sharp.

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